Wednesday, 24 December 2014

San Fran Fun !

My final stop on my California road trip was San Francisco , the city in america i had wanted to always visit most,

San Francisco was basically the total opposite from the last place i had been ,in the National park , i went from my biggest worry being lions and bears, to parking tickets and spending too much money shopping . 
So a slight change of living of me but i wasn’t complaining i was so happy to be in San Fran .

(just one if the crazy San Fran streets)

I went straight to meet one of my friends for breakfast , who had just moved there from Portugal , after a good girly catch up we hit the shops .

(Zoe and I) 

After some retail therapy we headed to check the known sights of San Francisco , as well as eat some of the famous local foods , my favourite was the clam chowder served in sourdough bread , followed by some of the best chocolate i have ever tasted . 

(sourdough bread )

 (Clam chowder in sourdough bread .)

 (BEST chocolate shop ever )

My favourite part of my San Fran visit has to be seeing the Golden Gate Bridge , it was crazy to see something that you always see in photos and on tv in real life . 

 (Golden gate bridge in all its glory)
(Golden gate bridge tourist )

 So another city ticked of my list and San Fran had really made me start to miss home, it was the most european city i had been to in the last month ,great food friendly people. 

(Crazy San Fran street art )
Like that the trip down south began . 
This was a drive i was more excited about than most  as i was going to be travelling down South on a road called The Big Sur , for those who haven’t herd of The Big Sur ,its basically a road that has be built along the coastline for 90 miles (140 km) from the Carmel river in Monterey County south to the San Carpoforo in San Luis Obispo County and it was beautiful every mile of the way . 

(Eyes on the road  laura ) 

(little photo break on the Big Sur)

After that it was a night in L.A then a direct flight to London to see my family and friends for christmas .
I feel so blessed to have been able to travel and adventure  another part of this beautiful world now back home in England getting ready for christmas WWHHOOOOOOEEYYYY ! 

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