Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Psithurisma , a word of infinite sounds !

from the crazy city rat race of L.A i made my way to Ventura 

(Surfers point, Ventura CA)

,where i was greeted by perfect 3ft clean waves at a place called Surfers Point ,it was a sick little left and right ,so long that you had to pull off the wave before it had finished or you would get leg cramp.

(happy surf smile)

After my fun little surf i had a quick look around the town of Santa Barbara .
It was then time to start the 5 hour trip up north to the Yosemite National Park .

(one off the many sunsets i passed driving in that week , too many car hours!)

The Yosemite National Park is a place i had always wanted to visit since i had seen photos of trees so big you could drive a car through .
After the 5 hour drive arriving to the hotel was a real relief ,especially as the hotel was as awesome as it was , christmas decorations everywhere .
(finally i feel festive ) 

I can’t say the hotel check in was particularly normal ,when the lady at the front desk handed me a piece of paper explaining what you must do if you are to come across a bear , at that point i knew it was going to be a awesome few days .


After a sauna and an awesome dinner it was time for sleep to be ready for the adventures the next day.
Arriving to the Yosemite National Park was a mixture of feelings ,excitement as i was about to see something i had never seen before but also (A.) scared because of the bears , (B.) there was also mountain lions roaming freely around the park (they tell you if you see one don’t run just look BIG ) umm yeah ok , oh and lastly there was a huge storm coming so look out for falling trees .

So with all that in mind i headed in to the park .
it was amazing the average tree was bigger that the statue of liberty MAD !

(didn't want them falling on me thats for sure )

(tree hugger)

The trees were beautiful i love how nature can make you feel so small and insignificant its crazy how powerful it is .


After walking about 3 miles around the park and taking about a million photos of huge trees and wild life (thankfully no bears or lions ) 

(just some cute little deer)

 (got barrelled a few times )

(casually jumping over trees)

 (whoowwaa laura getting arty )

it was time to jump back in the car to carry on with the road trip next stop was San Francisco COLD .

L.C x

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