Sunday, 7 December 2014

LAURA'S Hawaii secrets

You know you have had an awesome trip when you have been in a place for almost a month ,but you feel like its only been a day , well thats exactly the feeling that Hawaii left me with when i was packing up my bikinis and boards.
I suppose 3 and a half weeks of non stop awesome times is destine to leave you feeling like that ,when it comes to an end , like they say ,time flies when your having fun . 

I surfed all day , met some beautiful people and created some memories and mental pictures that will stay with me for a life time.

From surfing with turtles and best friends to hiking up mountains where you are greeted with a view of the whole North Shore of Oahu.

As you can imagine i ate AMAZING foods that I’m still convinced are not from this planet , the two most unforgettable foods that I will miss the most have to be ‘Ahi poke’ (raw tuna fish) , my favourite spot to eat it has to be ‘Pupukea Grill’ which is a little van parked just down the road from Pipe Line , still baffles me how food so good can come out of a van so small . 

My most favourite of all the foods in Hawaii is with no doubt ‘pitaya’ (dragon fruit) it is an amazing vibrant pink coloured fruit they usually puree it and top it with home made granola , banana and honey .

(this little guy loved it too )
I think Pitaya is by far the best pre and post surf snack, not only does it taste great it is also really good for you , heres a few rad  facts for you about my new favourite fruit  ( thought i better read up on it , considering the amount i was putting in my body ) heheheh 

My favourite place to eat this tasty treat has to be ‘WAIALUA BAKERY ‘ in Haleiwa not only do they make the best pitaya bowls ,they also make some of the best sandwiches and organic cookies i have ever tasted in my life ! 
Defiantly recommended .

So after fuelling my self on Hawaii’s treats i was usually straight back in the ocean , my favourite spots to surf this trip to Hawaii have been Laniakea which is a long right hander , found in between Waimea and Haleiwa , i also loved surfing Ehukai , its a super fun beach break just down to the right of Pipe ,I had a few surfs at Pipe this trip also but the crowd is kind of crazy which is totally understandable at one of the most famous waves in the world . 
Lanis ^^

 Ehukai ^^

this part of my trip has now come to an end ,till next time HAWAII XOXO ,now touched down in California for another adventure, be sure to keep an eye on ‘Vivir Como Crane’ to see what Cali has in store for me . 


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