Wednesday, 10 December 2014

L.A ... over and out ...

The American dream is the only way I can describe my first day in California , after 3 weeks on an island , routinely going back and forward to the beach it was a bit of a shock to say the least ,when I arrived in LAX at rush hour, but it was nice to finally see some of the real America ..
View flying over L.A ! 

 My L.A gang signs 

I woke up in LA the first day and headed straight to Venice to a sweet breakfast spot called ‘KREATION’ its an awesome Cafe that sells great breakfast plates ,which I never new existed, as well as epic organic juices with up to 50 different yummy ingredient (50 shades of green) haha 
My shopping fuel 

After fuelling up on juice and coffee , i was ready to hit the shops of Abbott Kinney St, it was full of cute boutiques and rad places to munch , it reminded me so much of Shoreditch in London , everyone dressed immaculately as though they had just walked straight out of a hipster pinterest board .
 Even the kids had mad style !

After going in to around 30 shops , it was time for another coffee break , (haha europeans )
There was only one option for the next coffee spot, it was a place called Intelligensia , after a good friend who is about as much of a coffee fanatic as myself had repeatedly told me “ they sell the best coffee you’ll ever have “ around 1000 times , i thought it would be rude to not go check it out .
THE KINGDOM 'Intelligensia'

Although $27 dollars was a little pricey for two coffees and juice , it was quickly forgotten when i took the first sip of coffee .
And like that i was in love

It was with out doubt the best coffee i have ever drank .
(MASSIVE statement but I’m saying its the best coffee in the whole world )

Me after my coffee BUZZEEDD ! 

Buzzed on coffee I headed to Venice Beach where it was a totally different vibe from the hipsteresque vibe of ‘Abbott Kinney St’ , I got  straight out the car and was greeted by dogs with sick out fits on , sun glassed and even shoes as well as dancers busting shapes in the street and some crazy huge muscly men, but best of all some awesome skaters that I’m pretty sure had just skated out the film ‘Dog town Z boys ‘ .

My next stop was Santa Monica where i saw a sign that said $1 thrift store , so i parked up the car, apparently so fast in excitement I was on a red line and got a ticket , but nothing was dulling my hype after all the bargains I had just scored.
Looks like a dump but was a treasure chest !

After dragging my self away from the mountains of clothes it was time to hit Hollywood , or as some people call it Hollyweird and that is exactly what it was .
Hollywood in its most beautiful state ! 

Crazy people dressed as almost anything , from Spider Man to Tinker Belle .
Right after seeing all the obligatory sights of Hollywood I was out of there pretty sharpish .
So now no longer an L.A virgin , the road trip up North starts . 

LC x

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