Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas with the ‘CRANES’

After a long year of travelling and adventuring around this beautiful world we live in, it was defiantly a relief to be heading home to England for christmas .
(bit of beach art)

(view over London)

I landed in London where i spend a week with some really good friends ,getting festive ,finishing off my christmas shopping and just being generally merry ;)

 (this is what best friends look like )

After a week in London i hopped on the train and headed to the South West of England where i spent an amazing 6 days with my beautiful family in Croyde ,North Devon .
(puppy crane and little bro Christmas morning)

(Grandparents and my Christmas jumper)

(Mummy and Daddy)

After 12 months of travelling almost non-stop (not complaining) it was amazing to sleep in my own bed , wake up to a cup of tea with mummy and daddy ,spend some quality time with my little brother and just feel generally ‘AT HOME’ a feeling I have kind of lost contact with in the last few years .

(puppy crane)

At Christmas I totally transform from a mature 19 year old travelling the world , to a 10 year old christmas crazed kid , counting down the days to Christmas , making gingerbread houses , mince pies and decorating almost everything in the house I can .

(my gingerbread house)

(home made mince pies)

(proudly holding my gingerbread house )

Christmas is by far my favourite time of the year, surrounded by loved ones , eating amazing food and being merry and thankful for this amazing life I have.
Thankfully for the rest of my family Christmas arrived , I was up at 7AM to open my stocking from Santa , next stop was to wake up my little 13 year old brother, I know what your thinking (shouldn’t it be the other way around?) ,NOPE not in my house .
After rounding up family Crane , we all sit in the living room opening presents .
(thats the dogs favourite part)

(Archie trying to rip the presents )

(LAURA its Christmas)

When all the presents in sight have been opened its then time for the eating to commence , Christmas breakfast isn't that exciting in our house because by that time little bro and I have already usually eaten around 30kg of chocolate each and I prefer to save my self for lunch. 
As always my dad puts on his favourite Christmas songs that we repeatedly through out the day try to turn off , while we all try to help mum in the kitchen . By help I mean we just hover around and see what we can get a little taste of hehehe.
(christmas ham )

 When lunch is on the table christmas crackers are pulled and from there on is just a scoffing free for all , until we are all successfully in a horizontal food comer , its then time to watch christmas TV and play board games (that usually don’t last long as we are all too competative )

(3,2,1 FEAST )

In a nut shell thats basically christmas in the Crane house. I then get sad its over for another year , wake up boxing day and realise i look pregnant , so head straight to the gym , lucky mum and dad have one in the house haha .
(boxing day gym session)

I love going home , its so important not to forget where you come from and to remember the place that taught you all you know, for me going back to Croyde beach, the place I learnt to surf is always humbling.With it being so beautiful I feel truly blessed that I can always call it home , although having just landed back in Portugal does feel amazing with a few more degrees in the water and air haha.
 (Croyde beach )



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