Monday, 17 November 2014

Jet Lag Attack …. Calling C O F F E E

You know that feeling when you can't sleep christmas eve because you are so excited for santa to come,but you also want to sleep so christmas arrives sooner ? 
That's the feeling i had when i slept my first night in Hawaii it was a mixture of excitement and HECTIC jet lag .

We arrived to Hawaii at around lunch time , only to figure that my bags had taken their own little extra vacation in LA , so it was straight to the shopping mall in Honolulu , for a shopping spree courtesy of British airways . 

I woke up the first morning at a hour that should only be seen by the owls , waiting for the beautiful Hawaiian sun to rise its pretty face .
I headed straight to my FAVOURITE coffee spot in the whole world 'The Coffee Gallery' in Haleiwa .

It was then time to check the waves, I already knew it was going to be huge as I could hear the ocean from the house that morning , and I was correct it was MASSIVE so I decided to head to the beach and start to work on my tan .


Over the next month I am in Hawaii the 'Triple crown of surfing ' will be taking place the first contest was in Haleiwa it was amazing to watch ,100 of the best male surfers in the world all in one place as you can imagine its a show . 

By now i have over come the jet lag battle and had few really fun surfs at a breaks such as V land its perfect, right in front of the house about a 10 meter walk and Laniakea,

so the first few days have been as good as i had wished , a lot of waves , a good amount  of sun and way too much coffee . 



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