Sunday, 9 November 2014

Hawaiian Movements !

Leaving my home in Ericeira (Portugal) is never easy, but there are a few places I am willing to make exceptions for, And the next 5 weeks I will be travelling around Hawaii and California .

Im on the plane to California at this point (plane WIFI baffles me) , i'll be spending the night in California tonight ,and then i'll be back on a plane tomorrow morning straight to Honolulu airport in Hawaii where the month of RADNESS begins .

This will be my third time on the beautiful island of Oahu. it's a place that has a very special place in my heart for more reasons than one.
I call it the post card trip , because it is one of the very few places I have travelled to that is exactly how you imagine it ,beautiful clean sandy beaches ,with crystal blue water and the waves are some of the best on this planet .

Throughout my trip I'm going to try give a little update at least once a week , with a bit of everything in it ,food,waves , fitness, bikinis and what ever other fun things I get up to , but depending on how much fun I am having maybe you won't hear any thing from me until I land back in Europe.
I hope you enjoy my updates and I am happy to write more about anything my readers want to hear. So drop me a line if you have any topics that you want to know more about


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