Monday, 24 April 2017

The welcome of SPRIUMMER !

HELLLLOOOOOO , once again i have left it too long to write on here , so here is a quick up date for you . 
My winter was ended with a snow trip to Austria with my family .
With me living Portugal and travelling a lot its always so nice to spend some quality time together as a family.


After a week in the snow it was so nice to arrive back in Portugal to some of the best waves this year.
Winter has definitely finished for Portugal thank goodness, 25 degrees plus in April is just one of the many reasons i love to live here.






Thursday, 1 December 2016

A new home ..

So as most of you know i basically nonstop travel all of the year to some of the most beautiful places on this planet .

which might i add i wouldn't change for the world , however the constant moving and living out of a suit case for the past 4 years certainly started to take its toll a little at the end off this year so i decided to find a 'Home' .

my last semi permanent base was in Bali which was a dream come true , living in a place where it feels like you are constantly on holiday is basically what everyone wants... right ?

I had one of the best years of my life traveling from there and using bali as my base ,but living on the other side of the world from my family got really tough , so at the end of 2015 i decided to make my way back to the UK and travel from there again.

After a whirlwind start to 2016 ( Europe , Cali , Fuerteventura , Nicaragua , California , Arizona,  Bali  ) not unpacking my suit case once had taken its toll again and i was ready to find my home .

I went on a family holiday to Portugal to have some family time and see some old friends i hadn't seen since leaving Portugal in 2014.
It didn't take me long to realise that it was exactly where i wanted to live again .
Portugal has always been a place i hold very close to my heart with so many great friends , beautiful weather and home to some of  the best waves in the world its obvious why i knew i wanted to move back .

 My new home town ! 

With not much hanging about i soon rented a house in Ericeira and have been living here now for the past month .

my day to day routine goes a little something like this

coffee with friends .... ALWAYS

quick surf check , depending on the tide i either go for a run or head to the gym with my best friend / conveniently next door neighbour (planned) we basically don't leave each others side .

Snack times are the best here thanks to Portugal's famously amazing food , i live in a fisherman's town so the feed of choice is usually fresh grilled fish and veggies ... it tastes so good it never gets boring .

I basically repeat this day after day with not one complaint about my new home .



Monday, 8 August 2016

See you at boardmasters !

Hey Guys

I hope this finds you well! 

I’m writing to you from Sunny North Devon…I am HOME and gosh it feels great! 

With summer well and truly “under way” it would be almost a crime to not come down to this year’s Boardmasters festival in Newquay, where I will be competing in the ladies surf comp for the first time in years. 

I also can’t wait to head down to the beach this year and hang out with the Freshbe team, where I will be teaching people how to balance board and of course there will be Freshbe soft drinks on tap which I am equally as excited about as I can’t get enough because it is DELICIOUS AND REFRESHING!

So, if you fancy coming down to Boardmasters, watching some surfing, listening to some great music, hanging out with me and the Freshbe Crew and for the chance to win a bespoke, signed surfboard, you will find us on the Headland at Fistral Beach with the following fun activities on the stand – Freshbe soft drinks flowing freely, Flying Photo competition and Balance Board Masterclass with yours truly.

You can find me on Wednesday 10th August at the Freshbe stand, teaching how to balance board. Who’s going to join me? It’s fun and a great workout! #dothenew


Monday, 1 August 2016

work your bikini !

SUMMER. Its here finally, which means one thing and one thing only - its time to dig that bikini out and show everyone how well you work it.

This doesn't mean you have to buy a plane tickets and fly to a bright white beach (although that isn't a bad idea), you can work your bikini anywhere… If you live in a city why not head to your local park and practice a few of your favourite yoga poses, hop on your skateboard and shred your street, rock it at a festival or why the hell not just work out in your bikini… who said that bikinis can only be worn on the beach?!

So, ladies that like to live a little on the edge and hate to follow the crowd, this is your time to shine and to WIN the Surf Dome WORK YOUR BIKINI giveaway.

It's simple, all you have to do is simply tag #WorkYourBikini in a photo of you working your bikini in whatever way you choose. Remember, the more out of the box the better! CAN’T wait to see your posts - check out @surfdomewomens to see a little more on what you could be winning if you get involved.


Friday, 22 July 2016


Hey Guys I hope this finds you well. I realised I was well overdue an update so here we go.

After a few months of spending some well needed time with my friends and family back home in the Uk the itchy feet set in and I was ready to start my adventures across the world again.

I hoped on a plane London - Mexico - finally landing in Nicaragua (it’s SO HOT HERE )

I am staying at a place called Maderas village, it’s so cute with just a bunch of little houses in the jungle over looking the beach of Maderas.
The waves have been pretty fun so far and being back surfing in my bikini has never felt so good.

I get asked a lot what products and daily travel essentials I use, so this blog is a rough guide to what I pack in my suitcase on my travels .

Here are a few of my travel necessities 

  • Bikinis by Protest
  • Elle Bache - the only suncream I ever use on my face its amazing .
  • Tangle teaser - the only hair brush that can get through my hair after a full day of surfing .
  • Head phones - no one can travel with out them .

However my newest travel companion is Freshbe drinks they are awesome. I have a supply in the fridge and even my new local friends have been digging in - #dothenew
Soft drinks that taste like cocktails but with no alcohol which means no hangover…… the dream.
(after a long day of surfing and shooting there is nothing quit like that cocktail taste) 


Friday, 8 April 2016


Europe Europe Europe … there really is nothing else like it . 
After living in Bali , i have really come to realise how lucky i have been to grow up in Europe ,so close to so many different but beautiful countries and cultures , all year around there is somewhere you can go to get a bit of sun and some fun waves . 

Last month i headed over to Fuerteventura, for the first team trip with my new sponsor Protest 

I have been going to the canaries since i was really young on family holidays , i really love it, the way of life out there is relaxed beyond belief, it is also in my eyes one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth , i love surfing with 360 degrees views of volcanoes , there is something about it that makes you feel so small and insignificant that i love .

We spent most of our days out there exploring the island of Fuerteventura looking for waves , and its safe to say we SCORED ! 

My favourite parts of tis trip were getting to know my new protest team mates ,,,, (they are awesome ) we had some laughs thats for sure .

The protest girls looking scarily similar ! 

I also loved walking up the volcanoes they are so intriguing 

Exploring and getting lost with good friends is always fun too 

The locals were really friendly too .

After a week in Fuerte i defiantly wasn't ready to leave ,but it was on to my next adventure in Scotland, the definition of one extreme to another . 

MASSIVE thank you to my new Protest family i had the best time see you all VER VERY soon .



Friday, 19 February 2016

Skinny Greens !

What a month to start off 2016 , after a week snowboarding I had 1 day back in the UK to unpack and repack my suitcase before heading on a plane to California.
After all the places I have traveled to and all the adventures I have been on, this trip is definitely up there with the most fun and adventure filled trip I have ever had.

With all this action and adventuring out there - I’ve been keeping on track with a positive mindset and a little helping hand. You might remember my post on New Year and #MySkinnyGreens? I’ve been trialling the Skinny Greens programme from Bioglan Superfoods [hyperlink to site] and would have been totally lost without the help from stage two of the stages; Thermo Burn and the delicious Replenish Shake.

Just so you know, these are the Skinny Greens stages:
Step 1: 7 Day Superfood Cleanse
Step 2: 14 Day Superfood Thermo Burn
Step 3: 14 Day Superfood Replenish Shake (This comes in Mixed Berry or Vanilla flavour)

Thermo Burn is designed with thermogenic ingredients such as green tea which help to raise your body’s core temperature and boost metabolism, the natural way. Packed full of thermo-powered superfoods including mucuna, cayenne and green coffee bean this powerful blend can help to supercharge your efforts for weight wellness. With the Replenish Shake, this basically stops you from reaching for unhealthy snacks! Which is far too easy when you’re active and on-the-go. This is packed with a superfood protein blend including hemp, sacha inchi and cranberry protein as well as biotic cultures to help balance your system so you can feel your best.

Due to the amount of travelling around, it was hard to get into a routine of training daily - apart from surfing and snowboarding. Using Skinny Greens [hyperlink to Skinny Greens site] Thermo Burn surprised me in how much it helps me feel lighter and trim while I was out there - whilst powering me with the added bonus of superfood goodness! It did also help by avoiding the fast food restaurants like the plague!

I’ve also felt a huge difference with my energy levels recently - snowboarding, surfing and a little bit of birthday celebrating eventually catches up with you but I’ve been making an active effort to stick to a healthy, balanced diet and have been using Bioglan Superfoods Skinny Greens alongside. So it’s been nowhere near as bad as I thought it would!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Skinny Greens range, head to their website [hyperlink to website] and make sure you check out their meal plans and weight wellness tips! They’re all about balance, which is refreshing!
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